Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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He Tied Me So Tight I Had to Tell

Ashley Graham wears a short, black dress and high heels while she is interrogated. It seems she's stolen some computer files and the company wants them back, so badly in fact they send in someone to tie her so tight and with so much rope and tape that the agony forces her to talk. Stage one is over 300 feet of thin, cotton cord. Large bands of it are wound around her ankles, above and below her kneees, her wrists and her elbows. Her arms are so tightly tied that her elbows are crushed together and there is not visible gap between her arms from wrists to elbows! Her face is filled with a huge ballgag that has been wrapped stricly over and over with wide bands of tape. Stage two is electrical tape covering every rope. As if her bondage wasn't tight enough this damsels in distress sees her predicament grow as the crushing tape is wound over ever rope and every knot. The elastic quality of the tape squeezes her everwhere, but her dilimna is far from over. Stage three is nylon and duct tape over the electrical tape. Already comletely helpless and in agony, her body is covered in pantyhose and silvery duct tape soon encases her from ankles to knees, from wrists to elbows and crushes her arms to her body at the chest and waist. It make her giant tits stick out, and they are next. Thin rope is wound tightly around her womanly orbs. Tighter with each loop, her tits stand out at attention. By the time he is done her breasts are rock-hard and reddened balloons that ache with every touch let alone the rough squeezing he gives them. Finally, he wraps duct tape around her mouth, eyes and head. It crushes her already cruel gag further into her mouth. Now completely helpless in strict bondage and punishing restraint she is left to struggle and think about her theft. Her predicament isn't if she should talk but how long before her restraint forces her to tell all!

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