Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage

Bound, Gagged and Completely Helpless

Immobilized and Silent in a Tight Predicament

All Captured on Stills and Video for You to Enjoy!

Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Ashley Graham in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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Hogtie from Hell: Forced Orgasm Finish Ashley tries to regain her energy from the previous strict hogtie. She is still partly bound, and the ropes are going back on. Ted tells her that he found a way to make a damsel even more resilient. He adds more rope than the last time pulling each tighter than before. Ashley winces and grunts as the rope digs her into her sensitized flesh. Each cinch seems to pinch her in some way, but the ropes keep piling up. He soon welds her arms, no crushes them together, behind her back and raises them up into a brutally tight chicken wing. Finally he adds a crotch rope so tight that it disappears deeply inside her despite being made of four 1/4 inch strands. Ashley opens wide for a huge ballgag that Ted straps in tightly and makes it even more secure with tight wrappings of gauze. Ted tells her she is quiet now but will not stay quiet too much longer. He cranks her into a severely back-arching hogtie. Ashley is now making some noise and is noticeably unhappy. That attitude goes away a little when he ties a vibrator to her crotch-rope, turns it on and lets the vibrations start ticking her clitoris. Her noises start pained and then begin to mix with moans. Soon there is only moaning as the rope bouncing against her womanhood brings her closer and closer to orgasm. Ted told her that the position would last at least five minimum, but it would go on until she had an orgasm. Does she reach climax or does she spend the evening on the carpet in contorted discomfort while Ted and the cameraman go grab some dinner?
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