Carissa Montgomery
Carissa Montgomery in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Carissa Montgomery in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Carissa Montgomery in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Carissa Montgomery in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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Carissa Mummified in Electrical Tape

Carissa Montgomery has come up with a plan to fool the insurance company. She'll fake a robbery! She's already pawned her jewelry. If she can pull this off she'll have the money from selling things, get new jewelry from her husband and get a fat payoff from the insurance company. Luckily for her there is a burglar that has been robbing people. Unluckily he's been leaving his victims mummified in layer after layer of tight electrical tape. Undaunted she recruits her friend Ted to help her pull off her scam. After she fills Ted in he eagerly starts taping up the buxom beauty. Starting with the ankles he tightly wraps wide electrical tape over and over around her. She encourages him to be thorough and be tight so things are as realistic as possible. He continues and soon has her encased up to her waist. He then starts taping her arms to her body and tapes her up above her chest. Before he covers those massive mams though he cops a few feels to the chagrin of poor Carissa. He meticulously tapes her shoulders and neck and then tightly ballgags her. As added punishment, er, realism he wraps gauze around her entire face and then tapes over that. Unfortunately the real burglar never covers his victims eyes so Ted has to cut a hole for her eyes. He then puts her on the floor and leaves her. She could just lie there and wait for her husband to come home but her entire plan relies on realism. She struggles as much as the crushing tape allows to build up as much sweat and bruising as possible. At many points you can hear her strain against the saliva building in her mouth, but she still continues to struggle. Finally after a long time she resigns to her long wait. They had to make sure her husband didn't walk in on them hatching this plan, but that means hours and hours of waiting in tight mummification!

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