Gigi Lynn

Gigi Lynn in Strict Bondage

Bound, Gagged and Completely Helpless

Immobilized and Silent in a Tight Predicament

All Captured on Stills and Video for You to Enjoy!

Gigi Lynn in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Gigi Lynn in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Gigi Lynn in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Gigi Lynn in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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Roped, Groped and Ravished Gigi fights her captors furiously as he drags her into the room and roughly gropes her. She begs, threatens and even tries to bargain her way out of the dilemma as her feels her up and physically dominates her. He starts tying her wrists and ankles when Gigi says she will give him anything he wants if he just stops tying her up. He soon has her completely roped up with her elbows crushed behind her back and a giant ballgag wedged into her face. She struggles feverishly and rolls about the room. She screams and chokes into her gag until he returns to quiet her down. He removes the ballgag and shows her that there are ways to keep a girl quiet without a ball and strap. She tries to call him a pervert, but the words come out only as chokes and gurgling. He then shoves panties her into he mouth and tapes them tightly in place. He tapes over all her bonds with electrical tape and then again leaves her to struggle. He makes a deal with her. If she escapes he will not pull down her panties and have some fun with what he finds in there. She kicks and rolls about the floor grunting in her gag. She tries to free herself with a flurry of non-stop action that is admirable but still a failing attempt. He returns, rolls her to her stomach and pulls down her pantyhose and panties. Poor Gigi can only grunt and moan into her gag as she rocks back and forth!
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