JJ Plush
JJ Plush in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels JJ Plush in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels JJ Plush in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels JJ Plush in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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Gag from Hell with a Hogtie to Match

JJ Plush agrees to the hogtie challenge. Dressed in a cute red and white top outfit completed with a short black skirt, pantyhose and heels she gets the run-down of over 350 feet of thin cord, a punishing gag and a hogtie she has to endure for far too long. Her ankles are first followed by her knees both above and below. No longer running anywhere her man in the mask can attend to her arms. Her elbows are welded together, and her wrists are tied with so much rope the band exceeds eight inches wide. She wriggles impatiently as more rope is prepared to tie her chest above and below those magnificent breasts. Her arms are crushed to her body and as close together as physically possible when attention turns to a crotchrope. When finished it is so tight it disappears inside her even though she wears pantyhose. Seated on a leather couch a three inch ballgag is worked into her mouth and wide tape is wrapped over that again and again. The tape is pulled to full stretch and the extent of this crushing challenge is evident on the strained and reddened face of the damsel in distress. Finally her wonderful tits are exposed to be wrapped tightly in rope. The cord is so tight even JJ's large breasts stand at full attention when gripped in the vice of rope. No every movement is the bite of the rope, every roaming hand is fire on her sensitized nerve endings. The hogtie is last, and the poor girl is cinched into a tight one. She twists and moans in her predicament of strict bondage. Her tits crush against the carpet as she moves from her stomach to her side. The ropes dig into he skin as she makes every attempt to escape ... and fails!

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