Kendra James
Kendra James in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Kendra James in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Kendra James in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Kendra James in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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I Can't Get Away If You Tie Me Up Tight!

Kendra James runs afoul of a burglar in her hotel room. After giving up her valuables, she is ordered into the closet. Claustrophobic Kendra refuses and begs the burglar to tie her up and gag her instead. He is worried about her getting loose and calling the police; she pleads with him to make it as tight as possible ... and he does. Thin, red rope is continually added as Kendra encourages him to make everything snug and tight. By the time she's ready to be gagged, the burglar is tired of her chatter and gets nasty. He plugs her mouth up with a blue ball, adds 4 strips of duct tape, wraps layer after layer of gauze at full stretch over that and tops it off with electrical tape. He tests her new gag by baring her breasts and squeezing her tits. She squeals in indignation but any noise she makes will never be heard outside of the room. He's not done though. The goal was for her to be furniture, so he adds tight rope to her elbows and then hogties her. With a slap on the rump and a tight squeeze of her nipple just to make sure she's quiet and going nowhere, he leaves her to her fate. Luckily for Kendra, her traveling companion returns and frees her. She tells the tale of her misfortune at the hands of the burglar and cancels her credit cards and phone. She readies for checkout, but the burglar has noticed the cancellations and lack of police at the hotel. Pissed off he returns and duct tapes her into a tight bundle in a black outfit. Not to go away empty handed, he lets her struggle while he goes out for a luggage cart. Kendra is the payoff now, and she has little choice but to be loaded up and carted off to a very dismal fate! Cinching ropes, agonizing gags and liberties with Kendra's sensitive breasts make for over 20 minutes of hot and strict bondage action.

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