Kerri Taylor
Kerri Taylor in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Kerri Taylor in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Kerri Taylor in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Kerri Taylor in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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500 Feet Equals Hogtied and Hurting

Kerri Taylor and I made a bet. She claimed she could last more than five minutes in the tightest hogtie she ever experienced. The stakes were high for her. I'd double her pay for the shoot if she succeeded and only get five dollars if she tapped out. Her eyes widened a little as I brought out a full box of thin rope already bundled into coils. Over 500 feet of rope will make anyone think twice, but she urged me to make her a true damsel in distress. I started with the most intrusive aspect, the crotch rope. The coils around her waist were tight, and those through her cleft were tighter. A double-wrap disappeared inside her! Her ankles, knees and wrists were next. The amount of rope is insane and bands over size inches wide pinned her in four places. The elbows is where it gets tough for poor Kerri. They are crushed together with a band of rope over four inches wide, jacked so tightly her arms are skin on skin. More rope pins her chest to her arms and makes her huge tits available for some groping and nipple pinching. Her arms are then tied to her waist. Every rope makes her predicament tighter, and a light sweat breaks out over her smooth skin. She tries to bite down as the bit gag enters her mouth, but the strap is pulled and I manage to cinch it two notches further. Soon she is pulled into a strict hogtie and left to roll. That's part of the bet. If she doesn't try to get out she loses. She is in agony, and her pained cries tell the tale of her bondage plight. It is such a delicious sight to watch that I lose track of time and step in not after five minutes but after seven-and-a-half. The clock is still ticking, and I can't help myself. Those breasts are so available. She'll have to wait until I get in a little more groping. She won the bet, but I think I was the bigger winner in the long run!

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