Natalie Minx
Natalie Minx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Natalie Minx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Natalie Minx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Natalie Minx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

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You Screwed Over the Wrong Gal

Natalie Minx is dragged into a stark corner of a partially finished garage with her wrists secured behind her back. She protests and is informed her new boyfriend is married, and her boyfriend's wife wants Natalie to learn a harsh lesson. Her captor tapes her ankles to the chair and goes off to get a box full of revenge in form of a lot of rope and tape. She is verbally chastised for her behavior and despite her protests she's not convincing anyone she didn't know her new man was married. Tired of her lies her captor shoves a dirty pair of full-bottomed panties roughly into her mouth and tightly tapes them in place winding the tape over and over around her head. Her jaw is fully distended and she fights not to choke on her mouth-packing as her breasts are bound followed by her knees and ankles. He removes her gag to give her a chance to come clean, but her apology falls short of genuine. White tape is wrapped through her lips pulling them to the very back of her mouth before her elbows are tied tightly together. Her gag is then finished by electrical tape through her lips making it even more punishing. She is brought to the ground and pulled into a strict hogtie where she is left to contemplate her misdoings. She struggles constantly with her gag pulling her lips grotesquely into her face. It not only silences her but makes trying to make noise pure agony. She manages little more that rocking back and forth before making it onto her stomach. This proves even more uncomfortable and she strains with all she has to make it back to her side. Ten minutes pass of painful struggling and pained cries that are heard by nobody. Her captor returns to taunt her about her miserable attempts at escape. Satisfied she'll be going nowhere he leaves her helpless in the corner. She has five days of this to endure and the first hour has been complete hell. Maybe next time she'll think twice about trying to steal another woman's man!

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