Sahrye Bound

Sahrye Bound in Strict Bondage

Bound, Gagged and Completely Helpless

Immobilized and Silent in a Tight Predicament

All Captured on Stills and Video for You to Enjoy!

Sahrye Bound in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Sahrye Bound in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Sahrye Bound in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Sahrye Bound in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

The above is a web-friendly preview. The actual clip was shot at 1080i HDV and publishlished at 1280x720 pixels with a bit rare 5000Kbps or higher. A full resolution preview is available through the link below.

He Put a Ring Around Her Finger and Ropes Around Everything Else Sahrye had the ring on her finger and that meant an end to saving herself and an end to those bondage games he liked so much. She wore her most enticing white lace and looked forward to the night of her dreams. He felt differently though. It was his last chance to tie her up, and he was going to make the best of it. She was easy to convince. She would scratch his back now, and, well the rest is easy to guess. He tied the ropes quickly, and she soon noticed there was more and it was far tighter than any other time. She remained playful but also commented that she should not be tied up but worshiped. He kept adding rope until she was tightly cinched in thin white cord including her elbows behind her back. She was a little annoyed, but some groping convinced her things were moving in the right direction. She was wrong. He stuffed a huge pair of panties into her mouth and taped them in as tightly as possible. He wrapped the tape over and over around her head until her cheeks bulged over the tape. He tied her into a hogtie over a leather ottoman. She glared at him, but he promised they would do what she wanted if she struggled nicely. Her demeanor changed and sensual struggles begun. She wriggled on the ottoman before slithering down to the floor. She arched high, rolled about and thrust her hips into the air. She was dismayed when he asked for a little more and shocked when he hoisted her up to a lamp pedestal. He told her that was the proper place for the worship she requested earlier. She struggled, arched and moaned into her gag. She could barely move but still put on quite a show. It was obvious this would not be their last bondage game. It was less clear though if she would ever get her back scratched!
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