I only review inquiries with a script or a list of ideas that I can write a script around.

All scripts should be two pages or less, preferably one page.

Large amounts of dialog will be a pass on the script. Some dialog is okay. A lot is too time-consuming for me to produce.

All material, expecially photos, cannot be redisributed. Copyright infringement will be met with a DCMA takedown request.

Customs start at $150, must involve bondage and are priced between $10 and $15 per minute after the first 10 minutes.

Offscreen time is charged time. Please do not ask for a restraint that takes 30 minutes to complete and then expect to pay for 10 minutes of struggling. You'll be charged for 40 minutes.

I film bondage, not fetish in general. All customs should include a primary bondage element but additional fetishes can be included.

Customs start at $150 with prices increasing based on duration, number of elements, severity of restraint and other factors.

Strict bondage customs are prices at $15 per minute after the first ten minutes.

Claire Irons:

Claire travels frequently and is available for future customs.

Fit, energetic, and durable in bondage, Claire is an active struggler and vocalizer that absolutely loves encasement and blindfolds. She excels at mummifications, is highly orgasmic, can handle large mouth packings and allows inserted toys including anally. Mild breast bondage as well as some use of clamps is permitted.

Erotic content includes inserted toys, forced orgasms, heavy groping and full nudity.

Claire's elbows do not touch.

Sexy Slyyy:

Slyyy is available for customs during my next Florida trip, estimated Aug/Sept.

Energetic, highly orgamsic, flexible and a perfect damsel in distress, Slyyy is able to withstand harsh levels of restraint while continuously struggling. She has no restrictions on gags, enjoys forced orgasms, is comfortable with encasement and mummification, and allows groping. Breast bondage, toys and some use of clamps are permitted.

Erotic content includes vibrators, forced orgasms, toys, heavy groping and full nudity.

Slyyy's comfort and limits allow for everything I film.

Previous Customs

We've shot a number of strict bondage customs with a variety of performers!

Custom Request: Extreme hogtie using hundreds of feet of cotton rope with arms welded to torso and a layered gag consisting of a ballgag and a full roll of co-flex wrapped as tightly as possible.

Story: A woman wearing only panties combs her hair and looks at herself in the mirror before silently allowing herself to be progressively and tightly bound with rope, gagged with ballgag and guaze and then struggling and grunting for seven minutes in an agonizingly tight hogtie.

Custom Request: A mummification with legs in a frog tie position and arms in a flipper pose, a fully-packed panyty gag with a tight and smooth tape wrapping covered by a tape Sweet Gwen hood, active struggling with a vibrator, and having an orgasm.

Story: A corrupt public figure must shamefully perform in strict bondage videos, and even cums on camera, to prevent the release of incriminating evidence of her taking bribes.

Custom Request: Struggling topless while seated and in a tight four-point restraint including welded elbows, her mouth packed fully with panties taped tightly into place, and followed by a ball tie with struggling and a forced fantasy finish.

Story: A woman daydreams while masterbating about being tightly bound and struggling before being placed in an even tighter position to be ravished.

Custom Request: Posing sexily in a tape straight-jacket, vibrator added for strugging, mouth packed and taped for on-screen orgasm, and finale of bondage being disguised.

Story: His birthday wish is to bind her but when her orgasms are too loud he first panty gags her and then hides her bondage with a coat and sunglasses before pushing her outside to cum in public.

Custom Request: A sausage mummification with exposed feet showing the full process of taping, nylon encasement, ballgag, a gauze head wrap and a taped Sweet Gwen hood.

Story: Casual interaction between performers discussing the restraint and application of it.

Custom Request: Two damsels topless and bottomless and hogtied tightly, both gagged with a large ball and strips of duct tape, a lot of gag talk and both trying to escape.

Story: Two women are bound almost naked, try to reach each other's knots and failing to free each other one tries to leave the room before their captor returns to bind them further.

Custom Request: Ultra-tight rope with a ballgag, tape over rope with a panty-gag and wrap-around tape, struggling, nylon hooding and multiple forced fantasy elements.

Story: She doesn't know why he's there other than to tie her tightly, gag her thoroughly, and make her struggle before some mouth-filling and panties-down fun.

Custom Request: Thin rope and lots of it with a chicken wing hogtie, a hair tie, and a mouth-packed, wrap-around tape gag followed by struggling and forced fantasy.

Story: She had great dinner and tells him he'll get lucky if he ties her up first. After a tight hogtie and vigorous struggle he pulls down her panties and they both get dessert.

Custom Request: Two damsels in stockings, open blouses and skirts struggle in tight bondage including welded elbows while moaning through packed mouths and clear tape.

Story: This is a struggle vinette with no story.

Custom Request: Nylon rope covering as much of the arms as possible, a tight hogtie, a lot of foot scrunching, a layered gag of tape over a ballgag, and very active struggling.

Story: She owes a lot of money and has to pay it off by being filmed in strict bondage for private collectors, but it turns out she actually loves being bound and gagged allowing both of them years of fun paying off her debt.

Custom Request: Frog tie mummification with arms in a tape sleeve and taped to torso, layered gag with tape wrap over ballgag, a tape Sweet Gwen good, and active struggling.

Story: This is a vignette restraint with dialog that explains the mummfication request and shows the interaction with the model as a restraint is applied.

Custom Request: Bared and bound breasts, welded elbows, chair tie, deeply sunk crotchrope, vibrator, over the lip mouth-packing with tape gag, crotchrope humping, and an on-screen orgasm.

Story: She thinks she's helping with product testing of bondage equipment, but it turns out she is the product being tested and won't be released until she cums on camera. This leads to strict bondage and almost 15 minutes of her humping a vibrating crotchrope before she groans hard in orgasmic relief.

Custom Request: A fully nude frog tie using strict scarf restraint, welded elbows, clothespins on her nipples, a double panty gag, a seven layer combination gag and hood, and struggling that includes leg splaying.

Story: This is a vignette sequence showing gag and restraint application and limited dialog.

Custom Request: An homage to a vintage video featuring a very strict hogtie and toe tie with ethernet cables but replacing the gag in the original video with a full mouth packing of panties and as tight of a clear tape wrap as possible.

Story: She catches someone going through her files and is forced to strip down to only panties before being bound very tightly, gagged fully with panties, and left to struggle in complete helplessness.

Custom Request: Fully nude with a deeply set crotch rope and hogtied ultra-tighly with hundreds of feet of scratchy rope, harness gagged, gauze blindfold, head pulled back to her toes, on-screen restraint, and active struggling.

Story: She agrees to a challenge restraint of a severe hogtie and tape gag with mouth packing that lasts five minutes, but he turns the tables when she completes the challange too easily. Her gag and restraint are made even more difficult for an additional ten minutes of struggling.