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Claire Irons

Claire Is Cocooned and Cumming as a Pussy on a Stick in Crushing Mummification

Claire struts down the stairs wearing only high heels and is first cocooned in shrink wrap before being tightly taped into a crushing mummification that includes her head. She is left to struggle on the floor before being stood up and subjected to several agonizing orgasms as, reduced to a mummified pussy on a stick, she can do nothing but cum over and over again!

Willow Lansky

Willow’s Promotion Has Her Cumming Hard from Two Vibes While Jacked in Ultra-Tight Bondage

Willow is crushed in bondage, spread widely in a chair with her huge tits tightly bound and soiled panties taped into her mouth, while he stuffs a vibrating egg into her pussy and ties a magic wand to her exposed mound. If she wants that promotion, she'll need to take on the tough assignments, even if she ends up humiliated and cumming through multiple orgasms while her supervisor photographs her shame!


Fayth’s Fantasy Is Working Dick and Cumming Hard While Ziptied in Brutally Tight Bondage

Fayth teeters preciously in the grip of painfully tight zip ties with only her neck and his dick in her hands for balance. She works him as best she can, each stroke reducing the duration of her predicament of instability, before being left to agonizingly teeter until he feels she's suffered enough to cum for him when he uses the wand to bring her to orgasm!

Rachel Adams

Rachel's Big Break Gets Her Breast Bound, Balltied and Brutalized in Tight Tape

Rachel thrashed under the hot studio lights, groaning in agony into the huge panties stuffed into her mouth as she struggled against the tight and cutting tape molding her into a ball and putting her bared pussy and tightly tied tits on display with every pained movement. It wasn't the most glamorous first role, but no amount of humiliation or discomfort would stop her from giving the best performance possible!

Claire Irons

Claire Is a Claims Adjuster in Tight Bondage Cumming with Her Pussy Plugged

Claire is spread wide and tied tightly as a claims adjuster trying to prove a woman can't orgasm while bound and gagged in agonizing restraint. With an egg vibrator in her pussy and a magic wound pounding her mound, she not only cums but cums hard multiple times. As punishment for denying too many claims, her coworker helps her to one last agonizing orgasm as contrition for being a bitch to her clients!

Sablique von Lux

Sablique Is Bound, Gagged, Toe-Tied and Tickled Until She Talks

Sablique's crinkled soles are on display when she steals a thumb drive and ends up tightly hogtied and drooling uncontrollably. She struggles to no avail until her toe-tied feet are given some tickling attention with fingers, a hair brush and an electric toothbrush until she talks!

Vivica Lase

Vivica is Tit-Tied, Toy-Fucked and Agonized in Tight Rope for a Fake Robbery Gone Wrong

Vivica's scheme to get out of trouble results in far more when she asks to be tied up to fake a robbery and ends up with her arms crushed behind her back, her tits tied as tightly as possible and bound and gagged while she is finger fucked, has a vibrating egg up her pussy and struggles through two positions ending in an immobilizing hogtie where she cums twice before being helped for a third orgasm with a magic wand!

Mandy Wolf

Mandy Is Tied in Twine, Tightly Taped and Worked With the Magic Wand Until He Lets Her Cum

Mandy, driven by an insatiable thirst for an orgasm, demanded an extreme challenge that would push her physical and mental flexibility to her very limits. Her goal, to cum, beckoned her forward and into the constricting embrace of tight twine combined with even tighter tape as she would eventually accept soiled panties into her mouth to muffle her moans as a magic wand milked euphoria from her wet mound again and again!

Misty Meaner

Brutalized by Bondage - Misty Suffers Tight Ropes, Tied Tits, Clamped Nips and Agonizing Orgasms

Misty wears only high heels and a blouse after proving her ability to keep her mouth shut while having it packed during a brutal tape bondage. She says the test was easy, so he'll need to ramp up seeing if she can keep those codes to herself. Eventually she finds herself in a brutal rope bondage to a chair, her legs spread and clamps dancing from her tightly bound tits as the magic wand helps her cum through multiple orgasms!

Nyxon Is Molded by Mummification and the Magic Wand Into a Motionless and Moaning Orgasm Machine

The lovely Nyxon submits to a crushing cocoon of tape and writhes in complete helplessness. With no chance of escape without his help, she moans through the wet panties taped in her mouth while the magic wand ripens her repeatedly before harvesting soft orgasms each time. her with multiple soft orgasms. Once fully ripe, he presses the head of the wand firmly into her, the heat of her mound warming his hand as he clutches the vibrator, and rewards her submission by letting her cum for him one last time!

Claire Irons

Claire Cums Hard With an Egg Vibrating in Her Pussy and a Dildo Plugged up Her Ass

Claire loves their arrangement. He liked to tie her up, and she liked having her mouth, pussy and ass filled. In truth she loved the ropes, and he relished getting to fill her holes and watch her struggle to orgasm while vibrated. After Claire ass-fucks herself to orgasm with her ass plugged and a vibrating egg up her pussy, she smiles and moans at the sound of his zipper going down. With those toys no longer in the way, it was time for her to be filled again!


A Mummified Slyyy Is a Private Eye Getting Her Pussy Vibrated Until She Cums

Slyyy thinks she's found the man responsible for mummifying women and, after breaking into his place, finds evidence to back up her theory. She's caught though and the threat of arrest means her theory is proved true when he tapes her up next and she becomes the next beauty encased in crushing tape. The private eye struggles uselessly in her inescapable coccoon until he returns with a magic wand and massages her helpless pussy until she cums for him!

Sage Pillar/span>

Bending to His Will - Hogtied, Helpless and Cumming for Her Inheritance

Sage bends over backwards in a taxing backbend hogtie that holds her helplessly in a severe arch that puts her bulging breasts on full display. With her tits and knees off of the ground, she is fully displayed and moaning into soiled panties until it is time to for her to orgasm as her uncle's will demands. What humiliation and agony would you endure to secure your inheritance and wealth?

Whitney Morgan

Whitney’s Escape Artist Orgasm Humiliation - If You Cum, You Lose

Whitney is confident she'll win an escape challenge, even goading Ted by saying he can use all of the rope, because she's brought special rope. When Ted discovers this, he uses real rope instead and crushes Whitney in bondage, including a chest tie, a brutal layered gag and a vibrator tickling her clit while she struggles uselessly until she cums and loses the bet!

Willow Lansky

Helpless and Cumming While Pussy Plugged with Six Inches of Silicone

Willow, the marks from her cable tie restraint still visible on her skin, stands tit-tied and with six inches of silicone dick still buried fully into her pussy. She is crushed in tape, including a full arm sleeve, before having a sponge taped behind her DSLs. He then sucks her nipples and leaves her with a huge vibrating cock between her legs. After cumming twice, she begs for the magic wand and is gifted a hard orgasm!

Monica Jade

Monica’s Cum-Fest - Hogtied, Tit Tied, Ring Gagged and Dripping With His Juice

Monica stared up as the thick white load poured forth and drained towards her open mouth. He'd enjoyed filling that jar and now slowly emptied its contents, filling her mouth before completing coating her face and leaving her hogtied, tit-tied and thanking him over and over for the privilege of both cumming for him and enjoying the gift of his stickiness!

Monica Jade

Monica’s Cum-Fest - Bound, Gagged and Using Her Crotchrope to Orgasm

Monica gave himself to him willingly and immediately, presenting her ass for spanking and whipping with rope, sucking on his fingers buried in her mouth, accepting crushing rope pinning her elbows together and making her helpless, opening wide for that huge ballgag, and finally humping her ultra-tight crotchrope until she cums for him for her first orgasm!

Claire Irons

Claire Cums Hard for Her Captor After Being Mummified Into a Crushed Cocoon of Tight Tape

Claire is molded by tape into a tightly cocooned fetish mummy, has her asshole hooked for some brief anal play and is finally fully encased to be left struggling and grunting into the huge pair of full-bottomed panties taped into her mouth for long minutes before being bought to orgasm by a magic wand while still fully mummified!


Nurse Nyxon Is a Clit-Tickled Cumbot Spread Wide for Multiple Orgasms

Nurse Nyxon shuddered in her tight bondage again as the wand pressed firmly against her clit milked yet another orgasm from her available pussy. Spread wider than a virgin on her honeymoon, the brutally bound and tit-taped damsel was now just a cumbot and the magic wand tied firmly against her clit was the engine keeping this machine of moans running!


Cum Slut Slyyy Creams Her Panties While Tit Tied and Tethered in Tight Twine

Slyyy wants to cum and cum hard but needs tight bondage and the magic wand to make that happen. Soon she's crushed in biting twine with her huge tits bulging in bondage, moaning into another woman's panties as she grinds her already wet pussy against the head of the vibrator for orgasm after orgasm!

Sablique Von Lux

Sablique’s Plot Leaves Her in Strict Bondage and Provocatively on Display

Sablique wants to fake a robbery and her accomplice is more than willing to help by jacking her up in strict bondage until she's struggling for the security cameras with a deeply-cinched crothcrope, tape wrapped over a sponge packed in her mouth, her tits bulging in twine and her legs spread wider than a virgin on her wedding night!

Claire Irons

Claire's Cum Aversion Deconditioning Has Her Cumming While Hogtied and Pasted with Jizz

Claire wants to let her husband cum on her face for his birthday and needs help getting over her apprehension, so she gets Ted to hogtie her with vibrating eggs in her pussy and asshole, work her over with the magic wand and then unzip his pants to paste her face with warm and sticky cum (simulated).

Bella Madysin

Mummified Bella Sucks on Huge Dirty Panties as a Helplessly Cocooned Captive

Bella moans and squirms while crushed in tape with two pairs of panties packed into her mouth and a transmitter jammed up her ass. It seems she wants to bring down a mummification ring, and she's willing to become bait they can't resist. She has a friend tape her up, and now all she has to do is wait for them to pick her up and take her to their hideout. The transmitter, if the batteries last long enough, will do the rest!

Misty Meaner

Misty Proves She Won’t Talk by Enduring Tight Tape, Bound Breasts and Agonizing Clit Tickling Orgasms

Misty is worked over to prove she can keep the mainframe codes a secret. She is tightly bound in tape, sucks her own pussy juice from her panties, has her pussy fingered, deep throats his fingers and multiple dildos, and ends up gagged with another woman's panties with her tits bound, her nipples crushed with clover clamps and all while a magic wand juices her for multiple orgasms whiles she struggles in agonizing helplessness!

Whitney Morgan

The Tattooed and Tightly Tied Temptress Cums Hard in a Chickenwing Hogtie

Whitney fails an escape challenge but is confident she will succeed with one more try, but Ted makes sure she'll lose by putting her in a severe chickenwing hogtie. Wearing only high heels and sucking the juices out of dirty panties, she has no choice but to struggle until the magic wand pushes her to the orgasm that signifies her loss!

Claire Irons

Subdued for Science - Claire Orgasms hard for a Magic Wand and Plugged for Her Dildo Double Penetration

After cumming with an anal hook in place, Claire's contributions to science continue as she is gagged with panties and a magic wand helps her cum before she is folded on her side, filled both anally and vaginally with dildos and has multiple orgasms from the thick vibrating shaft inside of her pussy!

Claire Irons

Subdued for Science - Claire Cums with Her Ass Filled and Her Clit Vibrated

Claire volunteers for a scientific study on the effects of bondage and stimulation on someone that has never experienced bondage or toys before and ends up with her ass stuffed with a hook, her pussy invaded by a knotted crotchrope and a vibrator assisting her to orgasm while a lab assistant watches everything!


Nyxon Tried to Punch Me in the Dick So I Hogtied Her and Helped Her Cum

Nyxon does her best to mess up my ropework, even trying to punch me in the crotch, but still ends up tightly bound in rope with her face packed with huge panties. With nothing to do but struggle, she moans and thrashes on her own floor until it is time for her orgasm courtesy of the magic wand!

Willow Lansky

A Tit Tied and Pussy Plugged Willow Cums Hard to Make Contact While in Crushing Cable Ties

Pantyhose model Willow sits with six inches of silicon buried in her pussy, crushed in cable ties and with the sour taste of another woman's panties taped into her mouth, as a magic wand tickles her clit until she cums through multiple orgasms!

Kim Chi

Kim Chi Lets Herself Get Caught Because She Likes Tight Bondage and Agonizing Orgasms

Kim Chi wants tight ropes and to be cumming in bondage, and she gets it when she walks by his house too many times. She knows damn well what he's into and ends up with her lips wrapped around a ballgag and tied and taped while the magic wand has her squirting through multiple orgasms!

Claire Irons

Claire Needs All Holes Plugged So She Can Cum for Science

Claire needs help studying the effects of discomfort on the female orgasm, and recruits Ted to finger her, bind her tightly, gag her and then gather data as she is stimulated by vibrating eggs in her ass and pussy. Finally, she is helped to cum again with a magic wand before thanking Ted with some mouth and penis action (simulated)!

Mandy Wolf

Mandy Is Hogtied Tightly and Taps But Still Clit-Tickles Herself with the Magic Wand Until She Cums

Mandy wears a knotted crotchrope sunk as deeply as possible before she gets her arms welded behind her back and ends up plugged with panties in a severe hogtie with her hair tied back. Although she needs release, she can't resist the chance to grab the magic wand and bring herself to a delicious orgasm!


Slyyy Is a Tightly Taped and Tit-Tied Damsel Juiced Hard to Orgasm by The Bullet Vibe

Slyyy, with her arms, legs and torso crushed in white tape, shakes her huge and breast-bound tits as she works her wet pussy against the bullet vibrator. Her pussy grows wet as it is engorged by vibrations until she has the first of three orgasms before he returns to allow her to beg to cum one more time!


Nyxon Is Tightly Tied in Thin Twine to Orgasm Over and Over as Ripe Damsel Fruit

Nyxon is walked into the room, wrists strapped and ballgagged, and is bound tightly in thin twine until her tits are exposed and bulging from twine, her face is packed with dirty panties and she squirms and cums through multiple orgasms from the magic wand pressed against her moist pussy!

Claire Irons

Orgasmic Office Nympho Part Two - Claire Is An Anal Hooked Orgasm Machine Ripened for Juicing with Claire Irons

Claire has just cum while riding an improvised sybian and sucking on huge fake dick. With a vibrating anal hook still buried in her ass, she is now gagged with a huge sponge while the magic wand pulls not one but two intense orgasms from her moist pussy!

Claire Irons

Orgasmic Office Nympho Part One - Claire Cums While Sucking a Fake Dick with Claire Irons

Claire has a hard time getting any work done before she has an orgasm and when her craving for sex is a distraction at the office, her boss treats her to his load before letting her de-juice herself by humping a vibrating dick and cumming as she happily sucks on a huge dildo!

Willow Lansky

Willow Gets Juiced Through Anti-Mobility Cum Therapy with Willow Lansky

Willow has come to Ted for help reaching orgasm. Having heard about the success of his Anti-Mobility Cum Therapy, she allows him to weld her to a chair with thin strands of rope and is soon moaning into the huge and soiled panties taped into her mouth as the magic wand milks her until her own panties are wet with her own juices as she groans and cums!

Rachel Adams

Rachel Is Robbed Part - Three Ultra-Tight Fantasy Mummification Realized with Rachel Adams

Rachel's captivity at the hands of a robber reaches its climax as she is encased in nylon, mummified into a frogtie with tape and left to struggle and groan with the taste of another woman's panties packed into her mouth!