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We have a large selection of strict bondage clips available for purchase through Clips4Sale. Here are some of the most recent clips added featuring ultra-tight bondage, mouth-filling gags and erotic elements like assisted orgasm for our beautiful and totally helples damsels.

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Rachel Adams

Robbed Part Two - Tied, Taped and Totally Fucked by Tight Bondage

Rachel sees things go from bad to worse when her attempt to make a phone call for help fails and she is brutally taped over her existing rope bondage, has her clit crushed by a tightly knotted crotchrope and is left to struggle while standing and blinded by gauze over her eyes and current gag.

Rachel Adams

Rachel Is Robbed Part One - Tightly Tied and Gagged with Soiled Panties

Rachel is hopped into the room to be brutally bound in tight rope, including having her elbows crushed behind her back, before having her face stuffed with a huge pair of soiled panties and being left to struggle while a robbery takes place!


Nyxon Pays to Cum and Ends Up Tightly Taped With a Bullet Vibrator Pounding Her Pussy

Nyxon enters the room topless and looking stunning in black lingerie, stockings and high heels. She paid Ted to help her orgasm and once he has her tightly restrained with pink tape, a bullet vibrator against her pussy helps her cum twice before he grinds into her clit for a huge and panty-wetting final orgasm!


Slyyy Works Late, Gets Painfully Worked Over and Ends Up as a Tightly Bound and Continuously Cumming Orgasm Machine

Slyyy is a secretary working late and when she runs into a burglar, she ends up bound strictly to a chair, spread wide with her clothing shorn off to have a vibrating egg shoved up her pussy. Gagged with panties and with both a magic wand and that egg pounding her clit, her only job now is to cum over and over as an orgasm machine!

Willow Lansky

Willow Wants to Cum While Tied Tightly in Titty Twine

Willow becomes a hitachi heroine with a warm-up of groping and getting jacked in thin twine before being left to hump the hitachi and let that magic wand juice her for a big groan. Luckily for her, we're not done and help her find a couple of more orgasms waiting to come out.

Claire Irons

Make Me an Obedient Slut

Claire cums hard and then keeps cumming over and over again. After begging to be made an obedient slut, she ends up tied to a chair, mouth packed and three-layer gagged, and squirming in agony and ecstasy as the magic wand milks her for orgasm after orgasm from her tormented pussy.


Nyxon's Birthday Request Gets Her Bound, Vibrated and Mounted

Nyxon has a birthday fantasy of consensual stimulation through groping, orgasms and physical interaction with a fake captor. Her consensual love bondage wish comes true when she is gently caressed, playfully groped and helped to orgasm with a magic wand before both of them share in a much wanted union (simulated) that leaves her giggling and smiling with appreciation!

Mandy Wolf

Mandy Is Mound-Mauled by the Magic Wand Into an Orgasm Frenzy

Mandy wants to cum, and she needs tight bondage to help it happen. Modestly struggling at first, she is taped extremely tightly while being aggressively groped before being panty-gagged for a round of multiple orgasms with the magic wand!

Fayth on Fire

Cumbot Fayth's Orgasm Hell

Fayth is still sitting in wet panties from her previous bound orgasm, but she wants and demands more. Ted obliges, but makes it even stricter, binding her into a tight cumbot position with her legs spread, tits tied and mouth packed for repeated orgasms without any hope of evading the magic wand! Fayth is spread widely, agonized in bondage, cumming over and over, and loving every minute of it.

Bella Madisyn

Give Me the Codes: Big-Titter Bella Taps and Talks

His business is jacking her up, and business is good. Big tits and a big mouth get you nothing but trouble when Ted is chasing down codes, and when Bella won't talk she gets crushed in cable ties and tightly taped for some agonizing struggling. Add in an array of mouth-punishing gags and this buxom beauty will be singing before long.

Rachel Adams

Rachel Demands Bondage and Ends Up Panty-Plugged, Slit-Flossed and Fucked By an Ultra-Tight Hogtie

Rachel hires Ted to bind her and bind her tight, and he delivers with two extreme hogties, a tight crotchrope, a brutally tight panty gag and a final position with her absolutely crushed in rope until she taps out. 


Slyyy Is Ripe Damsel Fruit Concluding Her Birthday Wish by Getting Juiced With the Magic Wand

Getting humped by the hitachi for her birthday wasn't enough for Slyyy, and she wants to really get juiced like a true ripe damsel fruit until she's a drooling, quivering and wide-smiling mess!

Mandy Wolf

Mandy Is Punished in High Heels and Hose After Getting Caught Cumming in Her Panties

Mandy likes to pull out the the magic wand and cum when working at the office alone, but this time her boss finds her right after a juicing. He hogties into a punishing arched hogtie for her to struggle with the gusset of her pantyhose still shiny with her own pleasure!

Claire Irons

Claire Cums While Anal Hooked, Pussy Pulsed and Deprived of Her Senses

Claire is dragged into the darkened basement where her tits are bulged by rope, her ass is impaled by the cold steel of an anal hook and her clit is vibrated by a tightly knotted crotch rope. Blind, deaf and muted by a massive pair of panties in her mouth, she struggles before cumming from the vibrations inside of her!

Sarah Brooke

Cinched in Sticky Strips with Tormented and Taped Tits

Sarah wants to go to the club while in witness protection and ends tit-tormented, topless and a thrashing in the basement. His job was to keep her safe. Nobody said anything about keeping her comfortable!


Bulging Cheeks, Bulging Breasts and a Pained Pussy

Nyxon endures tight breast bondage through two punishing positions. First, her shaved pussy is worked over with eight strands of rope buried deeply inside her cleft and used to anchor her to the ceiling while she endures two huge panties taped into her mouth. Finally, she is painfully hogtied with her tits crushed into the cold cement as she deals with a huge car sponge taped so tightly into her mouth that she's practically deep-throating it.

Fayth on Fire

Fayth Needs to Cum and Begs for Her Orgasm

Fayth's horniness has become a distraction, and when she tries to grab her boss below the waist, he decides it's time to calm her down with some tight bondage, struggling and then milking her with a magic wand until she cums!


Nyxon Gets Zip Tied Before Being Completely Jacked in Jute

When the banter between Nyxon and Ted became playful the story went out the window, leaving only a playful and real interaction of one instructing the other through a scene of dominance and submission. Despite the playfulness, Nyxon still had to endure an intense zip tie bondage with nipple clamps followed by a crushing and completely immobilizing jute tie on the floor!

Claire Irons

He Cured Her Writers Block with Extreme Mummification and an Agonizing Orgasm

Claire thinks she's fooled him into tying her up, but Ted already knows about her kind and ups the stakes. Before long she's encased in nylon and a brutally tight mummification, thrashing on the floor with no chance of escape, but it isn't until he returns with the magic wand and helps her cum so hard she screams that she realizes just how much she loves her sticky predicament!

Gigi Lynn

Bitch Boss Gigi Gets Ripened in Bondage and Juiced by the Magic Wand

Gigi was nervous about having her tits tied, but that ended up being the least of her worries as she endures an ultra-tight chair bondage, a face packed with panties that aren't her own, and being assisted to orgasm over and over again!


Slyyy Humps the Hitachi for Her Orgasmic Birthday Bondage Juicing

Slyyy endures the tightest of tape bondages after being wrapped into her own birthday gift. With her arms absolutely crushed, she rides the magic wand and cums more quickly, harder and faster in succession than anyone I've ever assisted to orgasm!

Bella Madisyn

Bella's Juicing: From Swimsuit Beauty to Bound and Gagged Ripe Damsel Fruit

Bella hadn't done much adult work lately but graciously agreed to not only some vibrator work with the hitachi but cumming on camera for three orgasms. The look in the eyes of someone desperately holding their climax while gagged with two pairs of panties was delicious!


Fayth's Mummification Misstep Left Her a Cocooned and Cumming Captive

Fayth wants to be mummified and lies to her partner to get taped up and taped up tightly, but when he learns about her fetish she gets a crushing mummification. Although she's fooled into thinking she's really a captive release has a price or orgasms and unless she cums her brains out she'll stay cocooned longer than she expected!

Nyxon and Mandy Wolf

Give Me the Codes: Shut Up and Cum

Things start out with some hot and modest bondage with a lot of gag talk from two hot-as-hell damsels. That doesn't last forever though, and soon both ladies get their elbows cranked, their mouths packed and their knees spread to cum again and again!