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Rachel Adams

Robbed Part Two - Tied, Taped and Totally Fucked by Tight Bondage

With every movement, that perfectly placed knot dragged over her poor clit. So close to escaping, she was dragged back into the room and punished for her disobedience. Now standing with tight gauze blindfolding her, she thrashed in an even stricter bondage where every movement humped that rope and masturbated her with that damn knot!

Rachel Adams

Rachel Is Robbed Part One - Tightly Tied and Gagged with Soiled Panties

With quick and callous efficiency, he bound and gagged the homeowner before continuing his robbery. Moaning into the foul taste packed and taped into her mouth, she desperately struggled in hopes of freeing herself. He'd already pawed at her breasts and felt between her legs, and she didn't want to know what he'd do when he returned!


Nyxon Pays to Cum and Ends Up Tightly Taped With a Bullet Vibrator Pounding Her Pussy

Her sass abruptly ended when she stuffed a full-bottom pair of shut-the-fuck-up into her mouth and taped it in place. With her noise hole plugged he slid a vibrator inside of her panties firmly against her pussy and turned it on. If she wanted to make noise, she was going to do it struggling helplessly and moaning into her gag while she came for him!


Slyyy Works Late, Gets Painfully Worked Over and Ends Up as a Tightly Bound and Continuously Cumming Orgasm Machine

Already jacked in strict bondage with her elbows crushed and her legs spread, she demanded answers but got her face stuffed with panties instead. Working late had only gotten her worked over, and now she'd spend her weekend as a tit-tied cum slut orgasming over and over with her punished pussy stuffed with an egg and worked by a magic wand!

Willow Lansky

Willow Wants to Cum While Tied Tightly in Titty Twine

With her tightly tied tits thrashing, she struggled in strict restraint while the magic wand between her legs punished her pussy with non-stop vibration. He'd roped her, he'd groped her, and he packed her mouth with panties. Now he'd get to watch her orgasm and suffer in biting twine as a proper cum slut!

Claire Irons

Make Me an Obedient Slut

She begs to be made his obedient slut and gets her wish brutally bound to a chair and fully exposed for the magic wand tied to her mound. With her tits bulging and nipples clamped, she groans into her layered gag, until her clit can't take anymore, but she's still forced to keep cumming over and over again!


Nyxon's Birthday Request Gets Her Bound, Vibrated and Mounted

Nyxon has a birthday fantasy of being bound, gagged and worked over by a burglar. After some intense groping by her man in the mask, her pussy is worked over with magic wand until she comes. She smiles through her gag when he unzips his pants and ices her cake from the inside!

Mandy Wolf

Mandy Is Mound-Mauled by the Magic Wand Into an Orgasm Frenzy

Mandy wants to cum, and she needs peril to help it happen. Struggling hard, she gets her tits and ass groped before being brutally taped into a strict bondage that makes her pussy available for the magic wand. Any protest is ended by the panties taped into her mouth, reducing her to groans until she has her orgasm!

Fayth on Fire

Cumbot Fayth's Orgasm Hell

Muted by a gag taped so tight that it can only be described as brutal and reduced to complete immbobility by her strict restraint, his bound and gagged bitch was spread and ready to have her clit punished. Humiliated and agonized, she could do nothing but suffer as an orgasm machine pumping out shame and misery!

Bella Madisyn

Give Me the Codes: Big-Titter Bella Taps and Talks

She had a big fucking mouth for someone that wouldn't talk, so he stuffed it. With the bitch quiet, he made her suffer a biting zip tie restraint followed by a brutal taping with two pairs of panties plugging her noise hole. She'd give him the codes, but she'd suffer all day long shaking those huge tits before he'd even give her the chance!

Rachel Adams

Rachel Demands Bondage and Ends Up Panty-Plugged, Slit-Flossed and Fucked By an Ultra-Tight Hogtie

When this rope slut asks to be hogtied as tightly as possible, he puts her into a cross-ankle hogtie with a brutally tight gag and an ever tighter crotchrope. She can barely move but asks for more, so he punishes her with strict restraint. She's soon begging for release but learns the hard way that you can't tap if you can't talk!


Slyyy Is Ripe Damsel Fruit Concluding Her Birthday Wish by Getting Juiced With the Magic Wand

With her arms crushed behind her back, her face stuffed until her cheeks bulged, and her legs spread widely apart, her vulnerable mound was exposed to the magic wand. Rather than fight the vibrations, though, she embraced them as she humped her clit even harder into the sensation until she groaned loudly and suffered her first orgasm!

Mandy Wolf

Mandy Is Punished in High Heels and Hose After Getting Caught Cumming in Her Panties

Mandy likes to pull out the magic wand and cum when working at the office alone, but this time her boss catches her right after a juicing. Caught red-handed, she had no choice but to bend to his will, becoming a rope slut in a punishing arched hogtie with the gusset of her pantyhose still wet and sticky with the evidence of her self-pleasuring!

Claire Irons

Claire Cums While Anal Hooked, Pussy Pulsed and Deprived of Her Senses

He dragged her into the basement to bind her tits, fill her pussy with rope and suspend her from a beam with a steal hook buried up her ass. Left to struggle while blindfolded, she could only moan and sway until he returned, pressed himself into her hands and allowed her to work him through his pants while he tugged the vibrating knot over her clit until she came!

Sarah Brooke

Cinched in Sticky Strips with Tormented and Taped Tits

With weeks to go before trial she tried to sneak out to a club to let off steam, but he couldn't have her leaving. She was in witness protection, and she'd stay out of trouble even if he had to bind her, gag her and leave her humiliated on the basement floor. His orders were to keep her safe, but that didnt' mean he had to keep her comfortable!


Bulging Cheeks, Bulging Breasts and a Pained Pussy

First, her shaved pussy is worked over with eight strands of rope buried deeply inside her cleft and used to anchor her to the ceiling while she endures two huge panties taped into her mouth. Finally, she is painfully hogtied with her tits crushed into the cold concrete as she deals with a huge car sponge taped so tightly into her mouth that she's practically deep-throating it.

Fayth on Fire

Fayth Needs to Cum and Begs for Her Orgasm

Her advances at work were a distraction, but even binding and gagging her couldn't stop her from grabbing her boss' dick through his pants and massaging it. Now this horny bitch has her elbows welded, her nipples crushed and a huge ballgag taped into her mouth while her pussy gets worked over by a magic wand pressed tightly against her clit!


Nyxon Gets Zip Tied Before Being Completely Jacked in Jute

She could fight him all that she wanted to, but that didn't stop her from getting crushed into complete helplessness with zip ties and left to struggle with her delicate nipples clamped. That turned out to be the easy part, though, as her torment continued in a face-down contortion so brutally tight that she couldn't even move!

Claire Irons

He Cured Her Writers Block with Extreme Mummification and an Agonizing Orgasm

Claire thinks she's fooled him into tying her up, but Ted already knows about her kind and ups the stakes. Before long she's encased in nylon and a brutally tight mummification, thrashing on the floor with no chance of escape, but it isn't until he returns with the magic wand and helps her cum so hard she screams that she realizes just how much she loves her sticky predicament!

Gigi Lynn

Bitch Boss Gigi Gets Ripened in Bondage and Juiced by the Magic Wand

She'd already fired him and thought she could still boss him around, so he decides the bitch is going to learn her lesson. Her tune changes once she's riding the vibe with her arms jacked, her legs spread and her face packed. All it took was some pain and humiliation for her to hire him back at double his original salary, and after a few orgasms she'd do even more!


Slyyy Humps the Hitachi for Her Orgasmic Birthday Bondage Juicing

Absolutely crushed in tape bondage with her drool draining off of her chin, she thrashed with no chance of escape. Later, with her saliva soaking her bared tits, she groaned into the panties taped into her mouth while the wand between her legs worked its magic. It was her birthday after all, and she can cum if she wanted to!

Bella Madisyn

Bella's Juicing: From Swimsuit Beauty to Bound and Gagged Ripe Damsel Fruit

The big-breasted bitch wasn't smart enough to keep her mouth shut, so he stuffed it with two pairs of panties. He was hired to make sure she didn't make the bathing suit competition, working her over in tight tape, but her attitude got her bound, gagged and spread while her pussy got worked until she came right in front of him!


Fayth's Mummification Misstep Left Her a Cocooned and Cumming Captive

She wants bondage so badly, she lies to her partner to get mummified. She loses control of her plan, though, when he makes her encasement more brutally crushing than she can withstand. Unfortunately, she has no choice but to endure the agony until he reveals her pussy, presses a magic wand to her mound and massages her clit until she's screaming as his new submissive slut!

Nyxon and Mandy Wolf

Give Me the Codes: Shut Up and Cum

They both claim ignorance at first but eventually give up the codes after tight bondage and having magic wands vibrating their mounds until they can't stand anymore. The good news is the codes checked out. The bad news is they wasted his time, and now freedom requires that they look each other in the eyes and wet their pussies as they cum at the same time!